Automated Social Media Checks

Automated Social Media Checks

A fully automated vetting solution that can check both public and private posts against a number of risk categories, returning an auditable report within the hour.

Our software returns an auditable report within the hour.

Our social media solution searches all posts across the major social media platforms using machine learning and algorithms, eliminating the need for manual searching or the possibility of unconscious bias. Social media checks can only be made with the consent of an individual, making it GDPR compliant.

Why undertake social media checks?

Social media is under scrutiny more than ever with studies showing an individual’s online behaviour is a reflection of how they behave offline.

Social Media Checks:

  • Play an increasingly important role in vetting procedures whether required by law or simply for best practice.

  • Protect organisations from brand reputational damage and ensure company values and culture are maintained.

  • Avoid the cost of a bad hire, loss of contracts and financial penalties.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to due diligence in the vetting process. 

Why us?

Key features

  • Checks private and public posts across major social media platforms.

  • Fully automated vetting solution using machine learning and algorithms.

  • Provides a fully interactive and auditable report within the hour.

  • Requires the individual’s consent.

  • UK based team and systems.

  • Approved app partner of key social media platforms.

  • No IT integration required.

Great benefits

  • Identifies risks against ten key categories: extremist groups, hate speech, potential nudity, swearing and profanity, toxic language, violent images, drugs, weapons, firearms, client keywords.

  • No manual searching or unconscious bias.

  • Quick, easy and cost-effective to manage.

  • GDPR compliant.

  • 100% secure.

  • Reliable and comprehensive.

  • Easy set-up within 24 hours.


The dangers of manual searches and human interaction.

Surveys show that three-quarters* of hiring managers view candidates’ social media profiles as part of the hiring process and that trend is likely to increase. Most are conducted by an online search without the prior knowledge of the individual. 

Our automated vetting solution provides a fast, accurate and compliant check with a comprehensive report and certificate in under an hour.

Manual searches are fraught with dangers.


  • Ensured you’re checking the right individual? – same name but wrong profile.

  • Mistakenly identified characteristics not relevant to a hire? – unlawful and costly.

  • Avoided unconscious bias and subjectivity? – through human intervention.

  • Gained consent of the individual? – enabling a collaborative and compliant approach.

  • Calculated the true cost of the time taken? – An automated search saves time and money.

  • Created an auditable report? – providing a defensible position.

Looking to buy an individual check?

You can buy a single social media check through our consumer site.


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