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The use of social media has become a ubiquitous activity across the globe. In the vast majority of cases, communication via social media platforms is perfectly harmless. However, it also enables individuals and organisations with extremist views to use these platforms to disseminate propaganda or, in worse-case scenarios, organise activities that clearly break the law or cause disruption. Social media offers the speed and scope that more traditional forms of media communication can’t easily compete with. Indeed, posts on the most frequently used platforms, (Facebook, X and Instagram) have the potential to reach millions of people around the world in a way that was previously not possible. 

Of course, terrorist organisations tend to steer away from the most popular social media platforms but activist groups such as Animal Rights, or Stop Oil or Extinction Rebellion are examples of where organisations use online platforms to voice their opinions. Whilst, these entities do not actively promote violence, they are very reliant on these channels to communicate with their supporters. 

It’s pretty obvious that an employer isn’t going to hire any individual purporting to support a terrorist group but equally, it is logical that an oil company would think twice about employing a supporter of Stop Oil, or a pharmaceutical company employing an animal activist. Avoiding confrontation of this type would be eminently sensible.

Social Media Check (SMC) is a fully automated solution that can check both public and private posts across the major social media platforms against a number of risk categories including extremist groups, hate speech and violent images where these behaviours by an individual could be exhibited. In addition, the option to add client keywords could also be very useful. For example, a pharmaceutical company might want to include activist groups such as PETA, AWP, ALF etc in their search.

As SMC is a fully automated solution, it eliminates the need for manual searching or the possibility of unconscious bias and is fully GDPR compliant, as checks can only be made with the consent of the individual. An interactive report is returned within an hour making the process speedy and easy to review.

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