Why Social Media Check is a great fit for Banijay

Why Social Media Check
is a great fit for Banijay

Social Media Check is a fully automated solution that can check both public and private posts against a number of risk categories, returning an auditable report within the hour.

Reputations can be made and lost by your online presence whether you’re a business or an individual. Building a good reputation can take years, maintaining it requires continuous effort and losing it can take just a few seconds. 

What is posted online, and specifically on social media, can have a real impact on your brand. With SMC, you can mitigate the risk to your reputation by asking an individual to undertake a social media check.

Some Banijay productions already use SMC

Social Media Check:

Benefits to Banijay

  • Easy to use for you and the individual.

  • Provides a fast and accurate analysis of social media history* in under an hour.

  • Risks identified in 10 key categories.

  • Highlights behavioural insights to aid decision-making.

  • Avoids dangers of manual searching – e.g. right name, wrong individual; finds protected characteristics; fosters subjectivity and unconscious bias.

  • Increases productivity with a comprehensive, interactive report.

  • A collaborative, consented approach that complies with GDPR.

  • Has multi-lingual capabilities.

*See our T&C’s.

Be safe, not sorry

The interactive report, with its carousel format, is a quick and easy way to determine whether you feel comfortable continuing with the individual. It provides a timeline of when the posts were made and how many were searched on each platform according to our fair usage policy.

Over time, most people have accumulated a significant digital footprint. Quite often, it’s a naïve post made years ago that can come to light. After all, can you remember everything you’ve posted online? Unfortunately, the internet never forgets. With SMC, you have the option to work with the individual to edit or delete a post that might cause embarrassment to your brand.

Report costs

An individual report costs just £35 plus VAT for sterling customers and an equivalent cost in euros, dollars etc subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.

For your FREE TRIAL report use the link below and enter code: SMC-BANIJAY-VIP

Our Media customers also include:

We also have a variety of public sector organisations in education and healthcare

How to get started

It’s simple to set up an account:

  • Complete the onboarding form DOWNLOAD HERE.
    This is to help us set up and configure your account and manage who you’d like to have access to the secure portal where the completed reports are stored.

  • Detail the number of report tokens you require. (Pre-purchased report tokens are loaded onto your account. Each time a report is successfully completed a token is used).

  • Provide a purchase order for the number of tokens required.

  • Once a PO is received, accounts are set up and ready to use within 5 working days. 

  • When your account is set up you will be sent:

    1. The self-registration link, this is bespoke to your production.
    2. Secure Portal and login details – once you receive this, you’ll be able to set your password and then have access to the secure portal, where you can view the completed process and check the status of any pending reports.

Common objections

Manual searches are fraught with dangers.  Have you?

  • Ensured you’re checking the right individual? – same name but wrong profile
  • Mistakenly identified protected characteristics not relevant to a hire? – unlawful and costly
  • Avoided unconscious bias and subjectivity? – through human intervention
  • Gained consent of the individual? – enabling a collaborative and compliant approach
  • Calculated the true cost of the time taken? – an automated search saves time and money
  • Created an auditable report? – providing a defensible position on inspection.

Our report tokens never expire, so you can call them off whenever they are needed.

Ten key categories analysed with Social Media Check